Monday, 27 June 2011

Sunday Sunday, so good to me

So on Wednesday a friend of ours who is in a different band to DB's asked if I was going to their gig this Sunday (yesterday). I said 'I can't, sorry! It's Old H's 30th... please forgive me!!'. DB heard this and sadly said 'Oh! You're not coming? Bring your friend' I said 'she has a kid!!' He said 'Bring the kid!! Come!' So...
Sunday I met uni' R, told him my plans (not going to the gig) and he said 'you'll go...' anyway, HOT day and I am melting already, need to meet S and get to Old H's house. Am late, am sweaty am tired and am HOT! Got on th train, met S, my Dad drove us and we had a lovely time. This was the first time S had met OH and as they are like family there it was ermmm interesting and very fun. As part of a deal with S I texted DB asking how the gig was. He said 'they're on at 10. Come here now' after a second of debate we were off (with my birthday friend's permission, I am not a cow-bag) sweating and melting on 2 tubes trying to get to the gig (North London to East. It's awkward I tell you). I get to the venue, sweat running off my face, nonchalantly order a drink for S and me and scan the crowd...
He came over said 'hi, we're over there. Come on.'
S whispered 'oh he likes you' 'what!? Why say that? He barely said "hi"' I whispered back. 'Body language'
So, the gig finishes we chat a little we stand outside we get the bus to his area, which is very near S's area and merely a bus-ride away for me (convenient, hey?).
And S and I hung out with him at his flat til 2 so we are firmly friends and progression is being made. It is allll good and I am happy with the situation as it stands.
Also, S ended the night by saying to my brother and me (he picked me up, he's a good brother. Sometimes :) )'There's chemistry, it is good!'

I was going to end this post with a miserable sidebar about text messages and lack of smileys or 'Xs' and a note on shitty friends but, you know what? Let's leave this positive.

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