Monday, 4 July 2011

so that's that then

and I don't even feel rubbish.
B the harpy sent Drummer boy a text 'from me' (and to several others) saying: I love wine and I love you. He replied with a rather precise message about us being just friends and he hoped that he didn't spoil my evening. He also said that I was drunk (and therefore would forgive the message? hmmm, p'raps) I replied explaining that B had stolen my phone and sent the message to several people (one of whom, S the mini G, responded by saying that she loved me too. Not fucking hard is it?) and, alas, he was one of them and that one should never tell people one had unlimited texts and I wouldn't mind but she was only drinking Pepsi. He replied that he felt like a fool (well, you said it) and that coke is better than pepsi. I agree with that opinion. He then sent a text saying that no one in there (sic) right mind would love him (erm, issues anyone?) 'good night x'
Shove your 'x'
I replied with a final text: No one in their right mind would prefer Pepsi. Good night x

So, that is that then.
I still like him, anyway... you can't help how you feel, can you? Just coz he wants a hamster and I am a dog... meh

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