Monday, 4 July 2011

so that's that then

and I don't even feel rubbish.
B the harpy sent Drummer boy a text 'from me' (and to several others) saying: I love wine and I love you. He replied with a rather precise message about us being just friends and he hoped that he didn't spoil my evening. He also said that I was drunk (and therefore would forgive the message? hmmm, p'raps) I replied explaining that B had stolen my phone and sent the message to several people (one of whom, S the mini G, responded by saying that she loved me too. Not fucking hard is it?) and, alas, he was one of them and that one should never tell people one had unlimited texts and I wouldn't mind but she was only drinking Pepsi. He replied that he felt like a fool (well, you said it) and that coke is better than pepsi. I agree with that opinion. He then sent a text saying that no one in there (sic) right mind would love him (erm, issues anyone?) 'good night x'
Shove your 'x'
I replied with a final text: No one in their right mind would prefer Pepsi. Good night x

So, that is that then.
I still like him, anyway... you can't help how you feel, can you? Just coz he wants a hamster and I am a dog... meh

Monday, 27 June 2011

Sunday Sunday, so good to me

So on Wednesday a friend of ours who is in a different band to DB's asked if I was going to their gig this Sunday (yesterday). I said 'I can't, sorry! It's Old H's 30th... please forgive me!!'. DB heard this and sadly said 'Oh! You're not coming? Bring your friend' I said 'she has a kid!!' He said 'Bring the kid!! Come!' So...
Sunday I met uni' R, told him my plans (not going to the gig) and he said 'you'll go...' anyway, HOT day and I am melting already, need to meet S and get to Old H's house. Am late, am sweaty am tired and am HOT! Got on th train, met S, my Dad drove us and we had a lovely time. This was the first time S had met OH and as they are like family there it was ermmm interesting and very fun. As part of a deal with S I texted DB asking how the gig was. He said 'they're on at 10. Come here now' after a second of debate we were off (with my birthday friend's permission, I am not a cow-bag) sweating and melting on 2 tubes trying to get to the gig (North London to East. It's awkward I tell you). I get to the venue, sweat running off my face, nonchalantly order a drink for S and me and scan the crowd...
He came over said 'hi, we're over there. Come on.'
S whispered 'oh he likes you' 'what!? Why say that? He barely said "hi"' I whispered back. 'Body language'
So, the gig finishes we chat a little we stand outside we get the bus to his area, which is very near S's area and merely a bus-ride away for me (convenient, hey?).
And S and I hung out with him at his flat til 2 so we are firmly friends and progression is being made. It is allll good and I am happy with the situation as it stands.
Also, S ended the night by saying to my brother and me (he picked me up, he's a good brother. Sometimes :) )'There's chemistry, it is good!'

I was going to end this post with a miserable sidebar about text messages and lack of smileys or 'Xs' and a note on shitty friends but, you know what? Let's leave this positive.

Friday, 24 June 2011

I love the trees and the sky and me

And I have been doing Wii Fit Plus ALL WEEK. I still cannot sleep very well but I am alright thanks. B the harpy tells me I look glowing. I said it's because I love the trees and the sky and myself and I have beautiful, lovely friends, which on the whole I do.
Anyways... B is a harpy because she has been hassling me re the drummer boy. We all went to the gig on Wednesday and it was all very good and that. And our friend did an awesome cover version of London Calling and I love The Clash so that's good. Innit?
So, DB and I spent a lot of time talking and chatting and hanging out and drinking and having fun. B the harpy said she thought it obvious that he liked me but I think that if I believe that wholeheartedly then it is merely wishful thinking. As I have stated previously to anyone that'll listen (and those that won't) I have no doubt that he likes me (what's not to like?) but only as a friend.
I am OK with that. By the way.
It was B and "Kenny's" 4 year anniversary yesterday and she coerced me to text DB and invite him down... so I did and it was all good, we had ("Kenny" said) 'textual relations' and his advice was 'keep it up, he's a canny lad' and there is no doubt that we're great pals.

Other news: I am stuck on Zelda: The Ocarina of Time, my degree results were supposed to be ready today but they aren't, and I have a sore back. Too much Wii Fit?

Sunday, 19 June 2011


I have not slept for over 40 hours and I am knackered but I cannot sleep. I might die.
WHY can't I sleep?

Friday, 17 June 2011


So, as previously mentioned, I have acquired DB's number. I sent him a message after 2 days of hassle (mostly from one of my married friends. B. who has text me almost non-stop, and another married friend. H. Marrieds, eh?). And he replied and he said he was going to a gig of our mutual friend (this was the spurious reason I gave for texting him) and he ended with 'see you there, I hope'. And you know what? That's OK. I haven't over-analysed the shit out of it. It is what it is, I will see him on Wednesday and until then I shan't obsess. Promise.

Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Oh and also

The drunker certain people get the more aggressive their actions and thoughts. I am a happy drunk so I find this hard to deal with. (on a by the by, I drank last night but not too much, although I mixed it was all OK and I think I am being rather sensible if a little inebriated. Go me)I do not think all men are pricks, dicks, cunts or other derogatory word for genitalia. I do not think that I am destined to be alone. I do not think that age is an issue, even if my 'friend' wanted me to (for her. DB is only 4 years older than I am, this is not about me. FOR ONCE!!). I do not agree with 98.7% of the things that come out of her mouth. I agree to disagree, I sure wish she would do the same.
People, eh!?


I got Drummer-boy's phone number (via the, I think, stalkerish means of asking a mutual friend for it) but I don't really know what to do with this information...
I mean, really, why do I need/want it? To what end? I know, I know, to text/call him same as I would anyone were I to have their phone number but I can't help feeling that (I have literally run out of things to say... ) what? What? Feeling that he may misconstrue my intentions? Or worse, actually construe my intentions? and so the heckity what?