Friday, 24 June 2011

I love the trees and the sky and me

And I have been doing Wii Fit Plus ALL WEEK. I still cannot sleep very well but I am alright thanks. B the harpy tells me I look glowing. I said it's because I love the trees and the sky and myself and I have beautiful, lovely friends, which on the whole I do.
Anyways... B is a harpy because she has been hassling me re the drummer boy. We all went to the gig on Wednesday and it was all very good and that. And our friend did an awesome cover version of London Calling and I love The Clash so that's good. Innit?
So, DB and I spent a lot of time talking and chatting and hanging out and drinking and having fun. B the harpy said she thought it obvious that he liked me but I think that if I believe that wholeheartedly then it is merely wishful thinking. As I have stated previously to anyone that'll listen (and those that won't) I have no doubt that he likes me (what's not to like?) but only as a friend.
I am OK with that. By the way.
It was B and "Kenny's" 4 year anniversary yesterday and she coerced me to text DB and invite him down... so I did and it was all good, we had ("Kenny" said) 'textual relations' and his advice was 'keep it up, he's a canny lad' and there is no doubt that we're great pals.

Other news: I am stuck on Zelda: The Ocarina of Time, my degree results were supposed to be ready today but they aren't, and I have a sore back. Too much Wii Fit?

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