Thursday, 9 June 2011

I guess I am no longer a student...

... for now. But I am still really rather immature.
I was thinking the other day about drummer-boy (well, when ain't I?) and I think that some of the problem is that I really just don't know how to 'play the game'. I mean, when A says X B is supposed to say Z... I don't know what the heck any of it means. So when A says X I say some bullshit like 'did you know that pink is traditionally a boys colour?' or 'oh may I use your toilet?'. When someone asks 'would you like a coffee?' I hear 'would you like a coffee?' and reply 'yes please. Milk 2 sugars. Thanks' when what I should be saying is 'hmmm hell yeah I wanna "coffee" baby' or something. I don't know. I am approaching this from a 12 year old's perspective. Oh whatever.
I am reading this self-help book that a friend lent me... I'm not really into pop. psych. self-help stuff, but he talks a lot about a dog is just a dog and they accept you for who you are and you accept them for who they are. I like that. I do accept and love my dogs. And, totally, if someone doesn't like you for being you, so what? That's OK. That isn't rejection or a reflection on you it's just a thing. I don't like chillies, there's no offence meant to chillies they just aren't for me. That's OK. I can live in the world and so can chillies. So if drummer boy (or anyone) doesn't like me that's OK. It's not a reflection on me not being good enough, I just ain't what that particular person wants. And that is OK.

OK is fine by me.

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