Thursday, 11 February 2010

1,2,3 or 4 reasons to be blue

Although easier than going to a boring, soul-destroying job, studying is difficult. Maybe I should get out more, not concentrate solely on my degree. Whenever I have gone out, though, I am filled with guilt and a bad feeling in the pit of my stomach.
Two or three or four other issues: Number the 1. I sent away the meter man because no one had told me we were going to get a new meter. Therefore, I (wrongly) assumed that we did not need his services. Anyway, he told me he was going to read the meter, not replace it. Had he told me he was going to replace it, I would naturally have let him in. The fool! I told my Dad and rang up the electicity company and they will send a new man (perhaps the old man, not that he was old, you know what I mean). So that's fixed, but not til next Wednesday. D'oh!
Number 2: My brother (the youngest of the brothers, but not THE youngest as that is me) infected the computer in the living room. I told hom not to click, but he clicked and now I will have to fix it for I am IT support, apparently. But, what nobody seems to understand is I only have a rudimentary grasp on IT and computers but it has been designated as my job. It stresses me out and I need all the boys to leave me alone and not ask questions whilst I fix it. And they don't do they? AND they ask over and over again how this problem (whatever problem) has happened. I DON'T KNOW!! My usual advice is to turn it off and on again... alas, with a virus that doesn't fix the problem does it?
Also on the subject of computers is number 3. My Mum wants me to print off some pictures, easy peasy but No! They have to be x sized, No! bigger, OH! the quality's not great is (I told you blowing it up would blur it)... I just wish that people would 1. hear me 2. listen to me and 3. believe me.
There may have been a fourth problem but I am too sick-feeling to think of it and I have a lot of reading to do too.
There are many things I could complain about but, hey, at least I have my health. I genuinely mean that and do not wish to sound moany and ungrateful.
I have a test on Saturday for maths which I keep forgetting things for (my GCSE certificates, tracing paper, my learning agreement). You think that's bad? We've been doing this class since September and half the class still don't have the book! Also, my math's mate has gone AWOL and I can't seem to get through to her phone for some reason. Many of the student's are getting whiny about the course and I still have to go to university as well as study bloody maths. . I feel that there is a limited amount of space in my brain, and that I would just like to go a live in a box or a hole with a small animal for company (perhaps a ferret) and some choclate for sustenance. Or something.
Maybe I am just feeling a little bit blue. I don't know. I don't know anything. Except that I feel like going to bed for a week and starting again another day.
P.S. The guy sitting next to me at uni is FUCKING annoying and I would like to stab him in the face...

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