Sunday, 21 February 2010

Reading Week

Thank the good lord above, I have a week off. So I have wasted the weekend doing nuffink, but tomorrow, oh tomorrow! 2 ARS assignments are due, 1 Change and Variation in the English Language and 1 Representing London...
I really would love to get higher than a 60 hence why I am so keen on doing my essays and attempting to think of a dissertation topic so I can start researching it now.

I think that some of my idleness is down to the weather. It is so FREEZING that I cannot be bothered to get out of bed. No, not bothered. That's the wrong word. I cannot bear to get out of bed, because the second I leave it, I freeze. My hands are like ice. Damn this weather. Damn this cold. Damn this time of year, generally, in this hemisphere.

So. I have decided. I shall do my washing, RIGHT NOW, have a shower (maybe a bath), watch Being Human, get up early tomorrow and DO MY WORK! It has been decided.
I have also decided to make a grilled cheese sandwich. So, that's my sunday evening planned. Fucking exciting ain't it?

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