Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Sleeping patterns

My sleeping patterns are all shot to shit. Look at the time! Just look, would you? Nearly half past three in the AM and I'm listening to The Beatles and blogging. For Chrissakes!

This is too long a break, mate.

I should be getting my exam results in the next few days... this all seems rather complicated for my little old head to deal with. I have to preregister and then enrol online for next year (if I pass, of course, but I am confident that I have. Just).

Anyway, and any how... I have Facebooked, Twittered and now I have Blogged. What more is there to do except go to fucking sleep and look forward to maybe buying a Mocha Light Frapuccino from Starbucks on Portobello Road tomorrow. Wow! My life is sooo exciting. I fear I may die from overexcitement.

Today I did 30 mins of Wii Fit, bring my total up to over 5 hours! Whoo!! Marathon here I come. Actually, slimness here I come. Only another 8 stone to go. Rather depressing ain't it?

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