Tuesday, 12 April 2011


I cannot sleep. I have just got up from a very unrestful night and I am knackered. I have too many things whirling around my head, my stupid stupid head. I have a stabbing pain in my left temple that has been there for two days. I have a rash on both of my arms that I googled and one of the results was AIDS. The stabbing pain came up with a brain tumour. I have a mole on my arm that is raised. I swear it wasn't before. Skin cancer? I have this stupid essay to finish, another stupid essay to start and then the dissertation. I feel like a zombie. As much as I like zombies, I do not want to actually be one. No. I am looking my age, older in fact. I keep thinking about drummer-boy and I sure as heck bet he ain't thinking about me. Fool. I am going to school now.

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