Saturday, 9 April 2011

I feel like: you're one to talk

I realise and appreciate that my friends are ultimately only looking out for my best interests but I really don't think that many of them are well-equipped to be doling out advice. When in the same room as the guy that I like, a friend turned to me and said 'you could do better'. That may well be her opinion but a few things: 1, I haven't, have I? 2, I like him, I think he is "better" 3, It is not YOUR taste that matters here and 4, I don't care what people do for a living. I care about who they are. As people. Does he have a heart? Does he make me smile? Laugh? I don't care that we can't talk about Dickens and Dostoyevsky. I can't talk about those things with 90% of my friends, but I like 'em anyway. I am not a booksmart, geek-head that can only talk to other booksmart, geek-heads. I am a billion other things, as is everyone. I appreciate that my friend is concerned that I only like drummer-boy because apparently (although not apparent to me) it is obvious he likes me. I certainly don't think that he dislikes me... My friends wondered why I wasn't talking to drummer-boy last night. I feel like I couldn't 'duck them out' for the sake of a chat with drummer-boy (or indeed any boy). So, you know what I am going to do? Let me tell you. Let me try this one thing before I send teen-y messages on Facebook and gush about 'how great you guys played on Friday', coz I might throw up... I am going to go to the next gig early, and alone. That way SOMEONE will have to talk to me and we can see if it is him. And if it is him then I think that might be the best thing, hey? Well it'll be something. And in the meantime? I still got 15,000 words of essays and dissertation to write. I AM BUSY!!!

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