Sunday, 21 November 2010

I shouldn't be judgemental

but I don't like it when people cheapen themselves, know that I won't and don't approve and expect something more friendly than 'ok, well that was a bit cheap, wasn't it?' as a reply to their sordid, drunken fumblings.
This is my message to you Rudy:
I thought more of you than that, is all, I guess. I thought you of all people would not behave in a manner that you chastise others for behaving in and you can justify it all you like. I am not the one to judge you, you can do that all on your own. I just don't understand. I don't care how drunk, stoned or tired (or needy) you were. I don't care that you did it (I sure have heard worse) I just care that you felt the need to tell me, in the way that you did, like I cared and THEN got a bit annoyed that I had nothing to say in response to your big, grand revelation. Grow up. That's my advice. Grow up and concentrate on getting your degree. Stop drinking so much and getting yourself into situations that you are uncomfortable with. Your latest Facebook update was another thinly veiled cryptic message about regretful shenanigans. I dread to ask, so I won't. After all, I have an essay to write. See? Priorities. Dumbo!

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