Sunday, 14 November 2010

How I Wasted Reading Week and how it all went wrong

Not only have I done no work, no reading, no planning and no dissertation stuff but I have now got a massive cut on my right thumb. OUCH! Being right-handed is at my disadvantage for the moment.
I am sure that my 2 assignments due on Tuesday will be done, after all they are only 2,500 words (altogether!). I shall be fine.
I worry too much. About time, money, the dogs, my thumb (although only since yesterday), my parents, my brothers, my future, my love life...
I need to take Valium perhaps.
The Apprentice is on so I shall watch that, then American Dad, then eat a biscuit then go to sleep, then wake up, trek to Mile End, attend lecture and seminar then DO SOME FUCKING WORK, then relax... It's a lot to get through.

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