Sunday, 27 September 2009


atishoo we all fall down.

Went to the Imperial War Museum yesterday, with my History pal. the sheep-farmer's daughter. It was so nice (and without sounding like a complete arsehole) to talk to someone who I didn't have to explain anything to. Anyway, we had some wine and discussed how awful The Guardian is, but that we continue to read it and the fact that she is 'a self-loathing Guardian reader' but not a liberal-leftie. My excuse is it's 30p from the University shop. We also talked about history, Charlie Brooker, Jo Brand, My thick mate, and her sister. It was very pleasant... And although we did the sensible thing of drinking water I still woke up rather hungover. Not good. :(
My mum is in Germany and was a little worried that no one would speak English. She's Spanish and used to going 'home' for holiday time, but this time went to visit her sister in Deutschland. She didn't believe me when I told her that many Germans spoke English. Went to water her plants, but a mouse scared me. Hopefully it'll rain! PLEASE rain. My mum will KILL me!

Lectures start tomorrow. Thank God. I have sorted everything that needed sorting and have received my student loan. Bought some trainers and clothes and a miniature Victoria Cross. What more do I need? Am really looking forward to tomorrow. Although it's Writing the First World War and so quite sad and depressing etc, it'll be so good to put my brain to use!

I have spent too long looking up alternatives to the QWERTY keyboard and now feel I know enough about it to be 'informed'. One thing though; how LONG would it take to get used to any other type of keyboard?

Anyway, must dash. Off to blow my nose. Hence the title of this post. I am being adversly affected by my rhinitis. AH-Tishooooo!

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