Friday, 18 September 2009


Next week's my 2nd year induction, so this long (not hot) summer is finally over. I need to buy a coat, I can feel the chill in the air and am having to scrunch down in my bed so that there is no draught.
I finally got (most of) my books. A big box arrived yesterday and my friend thought some sort of optical illusion was going on. The books kept on coming and coming. As I explained to my bro', that isn't even all of them. Student loan really doesn't come at the right time for the buying of books, does it? My maths GCSE book came and I don't think I understand it. Most of the time I thought 'oh yeah, ok I get it' but then every task now and then I look and feel my brain cells dying.
Anyway, 2nd maths lesson tomorrow and then Tuesday is induction! Woohoo or no, sorry gotta be down with the kids, so w00t. Right?

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