Monday, 31 August 2009

Listening to 90's tunes

So I awoke at 8am and was a little late to the TV studio, but I'm not the star so nothing was held up. The bus was on diversion and no one thought to tell the passengers. The swines! Ah well, the walk does us all good I suppose! Last day of carnival and it can't come quick enough. Mostly because I need to have my mistake rectified and the money owed to my friend's parents repaid. Not that they know yet what has happened but needless to say: a mistake was made (mine) and recompense shall be paid (by me).
This STILL affects your credit rating... Can't wait for my student loan to be paid. 23 days and counting. All will be on an even-keel then. Equilibrium shall be restored.
Tia (my dog) is still a little ill but seems to be much better today so that stress is leaving too. I hate feeling the way I have been lately. Too many things on my mind, and therefore mistakes are made and tempers are frayed. College starting soon, then uni', then I will immerse myself into the world of knowledge and not check so much on the internet, wasting hours clicking from one Wiki' entry to another. Why is it that you can go from looking up 'what that bloke has been in' to Mescaline in perhaps only 5 easy steps? Meanwhile looking up about a trillion other things in the meantime? The internet was surely not created to waste time?


I have very recently discovered the joys of Spotify. I know, I'm a little bit slow on the uptake sometimes. It's easier to use than LastFM which I have tried (and tried) to get to grips with, but Spotify has allowed me to more easily find songs that I have completely forgotten about. It's amazing and I am feeling much younger too as I have rediscovered music from the 90s that was ACTUALLY good.

So my choices:-

Counting Crows: Mr. Jones
Lisa Loeb: Stay
Tracy Bonham: Mother Mother
Arrested Development: Mr. Wendal

Bloody good!

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