Sunday, 30 August 2009

I hate the Notting Hill Carnival

Sorry, but I do. It's too big and too loud to be confined in a residential area and I don't care what others think. From my window I can hear the muffled noise and mayhem of what is apparently the 'Childrens' Carnival. Them children must consume a LOT of alcohol, that's all that seems to be being sold! As long as it keeps them quiet, I suppose.
Tia (my dog) is NOT liking it either, especially not the strange dog that is hanging around. So on top of the muffled speaking from a PA system and the bass and beat and what sounds like 'huh huh huh huh' there is now the added barking sound. Fantastico.

NOW there's someone with one of them air horn things.

I hate to sound like a grumpy old woman but I am so that's how I appear. No, really, I do hate to soud like a moaner but I just am not in the mood for this. They *should* move it to Hyde Park. What's the problem?


I may go and purchase some stationery from Staples. But then again, I may not! No, I need some graph paper and highly exciting things such as that. College starts soon and I might go out of my head if I don't leave the house. Tomorrow I am going to watch 'The Wright Stuff' (again. I should get paid) so at least *that* will get me out. But not for long as the carnival is on. <>

I need a life! :)

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