Wednesday, 24 March 2010

The British Library

After many years of frustration, I have finally successfully joined the British Library. What a weird place. You must enter the Reading Room with only some paper and pencils in a clear plastic bag. On the clear plastic bags are many rules. NO COATS, BAGS AND UMBRELLAS; NO PENS OR HIGHLIGHTERS; NO SHARP IMPLEMENTS; NO FOOD, DRINK OR BOTTLED WATER; NO CAMERAS (forgetting that 99% of mobile phones have cameras on them) and remember to have clean dry hands. They'd check behind your ears if they could.
The locker room is also very hilarious, being almost exactly like a swimming pool changing room. I could almost smell the chlorine and nearly stripped to my underwear in preparation for the pool. I contained myself though and behaved myself (by that I mean I didn't laugh inappropriately).
And on that note, I think I am spending far too much time alone as I am forgetting (or not caring to remember?) how to behave in public. I mutter to myself and give vent to my dark thoughts about my fellow human beings. I cannot wait for this degree to be over so I can get on with having a life. Or what might pass for one anyway...

On a more positive note, I really would like to write my dissertation on dystopian fiction and having skim read a thrilling book on social commentary and dystopian fiction I know I would hooked on the topic and actually find it interesting! Hmmm good luck to me on getting my proposal accepted!

Anyway, onward and upward. Must finish my Learning Journal (it IS due next week!).

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