Sunday, 25 October 2009

Victoria in the future is happy

It's been a long time! ach well the clocks went back and so we gained an hour, which I have wasted sitting here watching Sunday morning TV on BBC 2. Got a couple of assignments to do and MUCH reading to plough through, but I'll be alright. As you can see in the future I am happy.

What you do to get your equally odd message is write something, translate it into Japanese, then back again, etc until you reach an equilibrium. Postsecret did it. My message started out as Victoria is happy now... clearly I am not!

Tried to watch a movie called Autumn. It's a zombie film, based on the books (that I loved) by Dave Moody. The movie was rather disappointing though. Hmmm shall try to watch it all the way through and reserve judgment til then. Also, watched Taken. What a fantastic film! Brilliant. Nuff said. Gonna watch Zombieland on Weds (hopefully), hope it's good. Not great reviews but it's gotta be OK enough hey? I mean, it IS about zombies. My favourite... ?

Anyway shall close-read a passage from Jane Eyre and write some shit about it (probably)... Fun, fun, fun. I need a coffee!

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